Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Fireside, the past weeks

Over the past few weeks at the project, everyone has been getting on with their individual pieces. A camaraderie has begun to develop between everyone, a network of support becoming more obvious. As well as this a feeling of trust towards Emma and I has come about.

Calvin has begun to apply for a foundation in art and design at the local college, a step towards improving his situation, and a really positive point for the project!

Last week a new member joined the group, Lenard, suffering quite severely with anxiety, meaning that activities that most people would feel mundane, Lenard would find extremely difficult to complete. Lenard arrived, mentioning he couldn't draw and declaring he never would. After a conversation with Emma and much encouragement Lenard began to draw how he felt during an anxious episode and left giving much thanks and showing surprise at what he had managed to achieve.

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